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Store Credit

Available from the Growth plan
By choosing Store Credit as a payment method, you can send commissions to affiliates in the form of Store discount coupons, which can not be directly withdrawn in the form of money, your affiliates can only use the coupons to buy products in your shop.
Tips: You can create multi-programs in which one program is with normal payment methods and the other is only paid with Store credit for Converted customers. This way you can make sure your converted customers will stay loyal customers.

Activate Store Credit

In order to activate Store Credit as a payment method, go to Settings > Payment > Payment settings > select Store Credit

Process the Store Credit payments

In order to send a payment to an affiliate using Store credit, go to Payments > locate the payment you want to process. There're 2 possible cases: Store Credit self-redemption enabled and Store Credit self-redemption disabled.
A. If the Store Credit self-redemption is disabled, processing the payment will send a discount code to the affiliate. Simply click Process payment > Give discount code.
The system will then automatically create a random discount code with the exact commission amount you need to pay your affiliate.
The discount code will be displayed in the Affiliate admin account > Payments tab.
B. If the Store Credit self-redemption is enabled, processing the payment will add some credits to the affiliate's store credit balance. From the store credit balance, your affiliate can freely generate discount codes. Simply click Process payment > Add credit to process the payment.
The Store credits will be added and the affiliate can see their current store credit balance on their dashboard.

Advance: Store Credit self-redemption

To allow affiliates to generate coupons on their own, you can allow self-generated coupons while setting up Store credit. By turning this setting on, an affiliate's commission will be paid and accumulated in a Store credit wallet, the affiliate can generate their coupon at any time with any value.
You can set up the maximum and minimum redeemable amount of a coupon an affiliate can create.
On the Affiliate account page > Payments > Use your credit, the credit balance will be shown and your affiliates can enter their preferred coupon value to get the code:
For example, if the affiliate chooses $10 as the value of the generated coupon, a coupon will be auto-generated on your Shopify Discounts section, the affiliate can copy the coupon and use it on the checkout page to save $10 on his/her purchase:
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