Use Merchant email as the sender's email

Available from the Professional plan

UpPromote uses the Amazon email service to send emails to affiliates. The default sender's email address is If an affiliate replies to an email, you won't receive it.

However, you can use your email address as the sender's email and receive any replies from affiliates by going to Settings > General > Brand settings > enable Use your email address as sender's:

We currently use the Amazon email service for sending emails. If your shop domain uses an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record, please follow this article to authenticate with the Amazon service:

🔥How to meet Google and Yahoo's email sender requirements in 2024

In a move to safeguard user inboxes, Google and Yahoo announced requirements that bulk senders must have DMARC authentication for their sending domains, effective February 2024. If you use the feature Use your email address as the sender's in UpPromote, don't ignore this news.

Who is affected?

Bulk senders or brands that send more than 5,000 emails per day or have > 0.3% of emails reported as spam. If you don't meet the requirements, your emails sent to Google and Yahoo email addresses may be sent to the spam folder or rejected, including emails sent through UpPromote.

There's an exception for some cases. You won't need to set up DMARC authentication if your contact email address is not a custom email domain and its email provider is one of these:

  • Gmail (by Google)

  • (by Microsoft)

  • Yahoo Mail (by Yahoo)

  • Proton Mail

  • Zoho Mail

  • Tuta Mail

  • GXM Mail



  • Others

Why is this happening?

Google and Yahoo both recognize the importance of email and are taking steps toward making it safer and more secure. By focusing on email validation, they are helping prevent unwanted spam and potential bad actors from reaching their customers’ inboxes.

Sending from a domain that has DMARC in place has the additional benefit of improving inbox placement. A DMARC record helps ISPs identify you as a sender who is serious about following established email standards and reducing your spam liability.

Here's what you need to do:

You will need to add our DNS records to your DNS management. Why? - Emails sent to your affiliates through UpPromote are processed by Amazon SES (the email service we are using) on behalf of your email domain. Amazon SES must verify your email domain before sending those emails. In that way, they can be DMARC authenticated, which helps prevent Google or Yahoo from limiting sending rates, blocking messages, or marking messages as spam.

To get our DNS records, please open UpPromote > go to Settings. Make sure the feature Use your email address as sender's is enabled, and then you’ll see a yellow banner on the screen that contains the DNS file download.

Each domain service may have a different way to add DNS records. We have a tutorial with Cloudflare and Squarespace that you can take a look at as references.

Once your email domain is DMARC authenticated, the yellow banner on the Settings page will disappear.

Other requirements for all senders:

  1. Make it easy to unsubscribe:

Every email must include a one-click unsubscribe link. No worries! UpPromote is taking care of this for you. To help every user meet this new requirement, UpPromote automatically adds a one-click unsubscribe link to the footer of every email.

  1. Keep your spam rates low:

Low spam complaints are a key way to show inbox providers that you are a legitimate sender who follows deliverability best practices. Try to keep your spam rates as low as possible already to avoid the spam folder—now you’ll need to keep them under 0.10%. You can use Google’s Postmaster Tools to monitor your spam complaint rates.

We recommend taking immediate action to ensure a successful delivery of your bulk emails.

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