Affiliate landing page example

What is an Affiliate landing page?

A landing page is known as a separate page, created specifically for a marketing campaign. Your visitors will be presented with an offer or a lead form in that landing page. Its purpose is to get each viewer to capture that specific offer, summarized by the compelling call-to-action (CTA).

We’ll look at how to create a landing page for your affiliate marketing campaign, and we’ll throw in some example components in the page for your reference.

How to create a landing page?

You can use various page-builder tools on Shopify to create a landing page. But in this example, we will be demonstrating using Pagefly, an user-friendly, easy to use and comprehensive tool to design a landing page.

First of all, we'll need to log in to Pagefly dashboard > select Pages from the left menu > choose Regular pages.

Next, you can choose to either using an existing template or start from scratch to build your page. Creating page with Pagefly is pretty easy since you simply just need to drag and drop elements, adding images and text to specific sections as well as many other built-in tools to freely customize your page.

After designing your landing page, please click on Save button > Save and Publish.

Give your page a title and URL then publish it.

Your landing page is now created and published successfully. It can be added to your site's Main menu or Footer so the potential affiliates could be aware of the program, take a look then register easily.

What should we include in Affiliate landing page?

Kindly note that the sections we recommended below are just our suggestions. You don't need to include all of them in your landing page.

1. Steps to register

Emphasize how easy it is to register as an affiliate in your program: just 3 steps from signup to earning, which is the ultimate goal of each ambassador.

2. What makes you stand out?

Talk about the advantages when joining your affiliate program, comparing to others. For instance, you can emphasize on how you can support the affiliates, a brief about their benefits or how trustworthy you are regarding long term cooperation.

3. Benefits

It is important to let potential affiliates know about their benefits before deciding to join your program. Please be specific about the benefits that your program is currently offering in this section, like the current commission rate, tiered commission structure (if any), bonuses, etc.

4. Affiliate feedbacks

You can include some affiliate feedbacks about your program, how it helps other affiliates or how it is performing. This section is optional, if you already have affiliates working and earning from your campaign. But it is really efficient in terms of motivating affiliates when seeing other's feedbacks.

5. What do you look for?

Be specific about your criteria of affiliates, like they should have experience/passion about the industry your brand is working on or more importantly, the affiliates' target audience should match yours in order to ensure a best result for advertising campaign.

6. Register

After telling about all of your benefits, your criteria, it's time to put the crucial CTA button for affiliates to register here. Kindly make sure that your CTA is visible when visiting your page. For example, you could put the CTA at the beginning of the page and repeat it again when scrolling down to the bottom so the affiliates could easily register. Another suggestion is to make it stand out by using a color that contrasts with the page's background, and use a short command verb for the button such as Join, Register to persuade affiliates.

7. Affiliate FAQs

Last but not least, you could include some common questions of your affiliates to the landing page. This section is optional, but it surely helps potential affiliates to know more about the program before registering.

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