Staff accounts

Available from Professional plan

By setting up the Staff accounts, you can allow your staff(s)/team member(s) to take control of your affiliate campaign with full or limited access of your choice.

With the Professional plan, you can add a maximum of 4 staff accounts. With the Enterprise plan, you can create an unlimited number of staff accounts.

Only the account owner (merchant) can add staff accounts.

To add staff accounts, go to Settings > Advance > Staff accounts > Add staff account.

Fill in all of the required fields including name, email, and password.

In case you want to set up permissions for this new staff account, you can check the permission(s) you'd like to give the staff.

Don't forget to click Save to finish setting up staff account(s).

After setting up staff accounts, you can review the staff list and edit or remove the staff accounts.

After creating a staff account, the system will automatically send them a notification email with their login details

Your staff can then login and access the app via this link: > choose to log in by Email and Password.

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