Custom domain (white-label)

Available in Professional plan or above

Create your custom domain

If you want to have a custom domain for the affiliate login page, affiliate registration form link or network link instead of the ones that start with, you can follow this instruction to change it.
Go to UpPromote account Home tab > Custom domain button, you will then see the Add domain popup.
In order to create your own subdomain, make sure you've created CNAME record with your preferred subdomain and pointed it to our domain with the steps below:
  • Log in to your Domain system
  • Locate the DNS management tab
  • Create a CNAME with the subdomain that you want to use and direct it to our hostname , with:
    • type: CNAME
    • host: You can enter the domain that you want to use
    • value:
    • TTL: default
  • Kindly wait 30 minutes for the CNAME record to be deployed after creating.
  • Insert the custom domain in the field and press Submit button.
Example: Your affiliate login link was . After being customized, it would look like this:

What to do after creating custom domain successfully?

  • The direct registration link will be automatically updated with the new domain.
  • Regarding the affiliate login link, its format will follow the example above and you can provide it to your existing affiliates by going to Emails tab > Bulk email > choose Program > send emails manually to them to inform about new login link. For new affiliates, kindly navigate to Emails tab > Approved affiliates and Added affiliates templates > replace the tag {affiliate_login_url} and {affiliate_login_link} with the new login URL. Please also do the same to Post-purchase popup and Convert signup customers email template in Grow affiliates tools tab > Convert customers to affiliates in case you enable these features. Once affiliates sign in to their portals with the new link, their network links will also be updated accordingly.
Note: We are planning on developing the function to update the affiliate login link and network link automatically after creating a custom domain so please stay tuned for the update.