Tracking types and priority

Affiliate links and affiliate coupons have the same function, which means a referral order can be tracked whether it is made via the affiliate link or made with coupons.

Basic information:

In case the customer visits the merchant's shop via the affiliate link and uses a coupon code of the same affiliate, that affiliate will not get a double commission. Instead, they will only get one commission calculated based on the order value.

If the affiliate link and the coupon come from 2 different affiliates (the customer uses the affiliate link from affiliate A and uses a coupon from affiliate B), the affiliate with the coupon (affiliate B) will get a commission.

To sum up, both affiliate links and coupons can be used to track referral orders, but in case both are used, coupons will be prioritized.

The tracking types bellow are listed from the highest priority to the lowest.

Tracking TypeDetailSpecial Cases

This feature helps you set up a different commission rate for affiliates when they refer a new customer who does not exist on your Shopify customer list.

This feature will give a different commission rate for orders that have a coupon code used.

This feature will override the First Commission via coupon and other related coupon methods. Once a coupon is used, the affiliates will receive a different commission rate.

A customer can be connected to an affiliate for a lifetime commission. Once the connected customer purchases an item on your website, the commission will always be given to the connected affiliates regardless of any methods used.

This feature can work along with other tracking types. With this way, the connected affiliates will always receive the commission based on your program settings.

A product can be connected to an affiliate. After that, once the product is bought, regardless of the link or coupon used, the affiliate who gets connected to the product will always receive the commission.

If the customer uses the link of affiliate A to buy a product connected to affiliate B. Then both A and B will receive the commission.

Coupons can be assigned to affiliates so they can give to their customers. If the assigned coupon is used, the affiliate who owns the coupon will receive the commission.

Affiliate link

The affiliate link will be provided for each affiliate once they get approved to join the program. They can promote the link to earn a commission.

First Commission

This feature is a part of the Lifetime Commission feature and will give a different commission rate for the first time the customers purchase via the affiliate link or coupon.

Cannot be used if the New Customer Commission is turned on.

Recurring orders

The recurring commission will be given for subscription packages. You will need to integrate one of the 5 apps as well.

The recurring commission will be the same rate as per your program settings.

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