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Keeping track of the affiliate team's performance is a crucial part of any affiliate marketing campaign. In order to analyze or compare the affiliates' performance, you can make use of the Top affiliates table.

Search and filters

Just like other data tables in the app, you can search or use some filters to see the data you need.

For the Search box, you can either enter the affiliate name or their email address. The search results will appear in the table automatically.


In the Top Affiliates table, we have some filters that you can use:

  • Date: filter all data by time.

  • Status: filter the data by the referral status.

  • Program: filter by the programs that the affiliates are in.

  • Network sales: include/exclude the network sales. This is related to the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) function.

  • Custom columns: add more or remove affiliate's data columns from the table. For your convenience, UpPromote gives you many options to customize the Top Affiliates table.

Good practice: You can add the column "Login count" or "Last login" to see the affiliates' activeness. They will show you the number of times and the last time affiliates logging into their affiliate accounts.


There’s a small icon next to each column's title that you can use to sort/rank the affiliates based on the data there.

You can make use of the Sort icons to compare your affiliates' performances.

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