Social sharing - Clear link preview cache

If you already update the Social sharing's preview information yet the description and images do not change accordingly, it is suggested to reset the cached images/data for your pages on the social networks.

This document will walk you through the steps on how to clear the link preview cache for Facebook and Linkedin.


  1. Enter your URL and click on Debug

After debugging, it will show the details of what exactly Facebook sees for that URL - the title, description, link and post preview.

3. Click on Scrape again to force Facebook to update your new information

4. After that, Facebook will recrawl your page. Kindly try sharing your URL on Facebook again to see if the information is up-to-date now.


Just for your information, Linkedin stores the cached data for 7 days after a post is shared. Therefore, please reset the cache using LinkedIn Post Inspector.

  1. Enter your URL and click on Inspect. You will then be able to see the updated preview image and information.

3. After that, please try sharing your URL on LinkedIn again.

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