Affiliate profile


Affiliate profile is a page that shows all information about a specific affiliate. You can access each of your affiliates' profile pages by clicking on their name on the Affiliate list table

Affiliate profile

The information that the affiliate put in the registration form while signing up will be displayed in the General information section of the Profile page.

Besides viewing the affiliate's information, there are several things you can do on this page.

  • Login as affiliate: click Login as affiliate to access the affiliate's admin page.

  • Custom affiliate link: Affiliate profile > Promotion method > Set custom affiliate link.

  • Change program: move the affiliate from his current program to another. Affiliate profile > Commission structure > Program.

  • Leave an internal note: You can take some notes on a specific affiliate's profile by going to Affiliate profile > Internal note > Edit. The note can only be seen from your end (affiliates cannot see it).


From the Affiliate profile's default tab (Profile), click on the Commissions tab and you will see an overview of their earned commission:

  • Commission overview: this shows the affiliate's all-time commission stats, including Pending, Approved and Paid ones.

  • Referral list: this shows all referrals brought by the affiliate. Via this section, you can do some actions toward the referrals just like on the Referrals tab, including approving/denying referrals, undoing approval, viewing order details, searching, sorting and exporting the referral list.


The Network tab only appears if the affiliate's program has Multi-level marketing (MLM) enabled.

Upline affiliate section

This is where you can assign an upline affiliate (parent affiliate) for the affiliate. Simply click Set upline affiliate.

Each affiliate can only have 1 upline affiliate. On the other hand, there's no limit on the number of downline affiliates that an upline affiliate can have.

Network Overview

This section shows the total network commission earned (for referrals brought by downline affiliates) and the total number of downline affiliates that this affiliate has.

Downline performance

For example, you're on affiliate A's profile page. This section shows some total stats of downline affiliates that A has in each level, with level 1 being the affiliates invited directly by A, level 2 being the affiliates invited by level-1 affiliates, and so on.

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