Commission structure

Programs > Edit program > Commission structure

In the Commission Structure section, there are three types of commission available:

Flat rate per order

Commissions will be a fixed amount on each order made thanks to the Affiliate (not including extra fee: shipping, tax…)

For example, if you set the commission amount to $10 per order when your customer purchases through the referral link, your affiliate will get $10 commission no matter how much the total sales is.

After an order is marked as fulfilled and paid, its status will be shown on your back end in the Referrals section with the commission amount.

Flat rate per item

Commissions in dollars will be calculated on product units (not including extra fees: shipping, tax…)

For example, if you set the commission amount to $5 per item, when a customer makes a purchase of 2 items through the referral link, the affiliate’s commission will be $5 * 3 = $15.

The referral order status will be updated on your back end.

Percent of sale

Commissions will be calculated based on a percentage of the total value brought by the affiliate (not including extra fees like shipping, tax, etc.)

For example, if you set the percentage value to 15%, any order made through the referral link will bring your affiliate a 15% value of the total order amount (not including VAT or other extra fees).

After choosing the proper commission type, fill in the desired amount in the amount box, then click Save Changes.

If you create more than 1 program and then downgrade to the Free plan, the system will deactivate the extra programs (except the default one) and exclude referrals from affiliates in those programs.

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