Fraud protection - Affiliate signups

Available in all plans

Detect multiple signups from an IP address

This option helps you detect if there are multiple registrations from a specific IP address within a period, which you can set an amount to. After detecting these signups, you can choose Don't save (the registrations won't be shown in the Affiliate list table) or Save but deny (review these affiliates later and decide whether to keep them or remove them for good).

Note: The preventive action will be taken from the next account that registers within the set period. The maximum value for Period is 31536000 seconds (365 days).

If you choose Save but deny, the system will automatically add a yellow warning icon next to the affiliate's name (Affiliates tab) to inform you that this affiliate has been detected and marked as spam.

Block specific affiliates from signup

In case you want to block certain affiliates from joining your program when you have their email addresses, you can make use of this feature. For multiple email addresses at once, you can insert the email addresses and separate them by commas. Please make sure to press Save to finish.

The blocklist can be reviewed anytime and you can also unblock certain affiliates if you find them qualified or blocked by mistakes. Simply click blocklist and you will see the Email blocklist as below:

Regional limit

This function helps you to select certain countries so that only affiliates from these countries/regions can register for your affiliate program.

Hide registration form from search engine

If you do not want affiliates to somehow find your program on search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) and register without your awareness, you can enable this option to hide the registration form from the search engines.

Note: All functions in the Affiliate signups tab will block registration from all sources (Registration form, Marketplace, Post-purchase popup, Customer referral), except for Convert signed-up customers. It will only help block registration from Signed-up customers if you block them specifically by email.

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