On Analytics, you can keep track of your affiliates' performances with graphics, charts, and data tables.

The Analytics tab is now separated from Home. We hope that with this change, users can keep track of their affiliates’ performances more easily. The Analytics page contains the Performance of your affiliates graphs, Top affiliates table, and Product analytics table.

Performance of your affiliates

This section shows the overall performance of your affiliate team over time, including Total affiliates, Total orders, Total sales, Total clicks, Total commission, Referral source, Commission on sales, and Referral status.

There’re 2 filters: Date and Program. As soon as you change the filters, it will automatically apply to all graphs in the section. In each graph, you can hover your cursor over the line to see detailed data.

Top affiliates

The Top Affiliates table can help you analyze/compare your affiliates' performances by giving you an overview of them. Learn more about the Top Affiliates table here.

Product Analytics

This table shows the statistics for all products on your store as well as the ones which have been referred by your affiliates in the latest 30 days so you can compare those two data to measure if your affiliate campaign is running efficiently to boost sales.

Note: This table will only show up in Analytics if you enable it in Settings > Product analytics

Learn more about Product analytics here.

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