Import affiliates

Affiliates > Add affiliate

Manually add a single affiliate

To add a single affiliate to your list, go to Affiliates > Add affiliate:
You can select the program in which that new affiliate will be added, then enter the First name, Last name, and Email for the affiliate.
You will need to set up a temporary Password for the affiliates as well and they can change their password after they have logged in. You can choose from these two password formats: Auto-generated password (our system would automatically generate random passwords for your team) and Set default password (imported affiliates would use the default passwords as their temporary password).
If you enable Send notification email to affiliates, the Password will be sent along with other information. You can review and edit the notification email template by going to Outreach > Emails & chat > Emails > Add affiliates.

Import affiliate list

If you've already had an affiliate list or wish to move from another affiliate system to UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, you can upload an affiliate list. Simply go to Affiliates > Add affiliate > Import affiliates.
Upload a CSV file or an Excel file with these required fields: first_name, last_name, and email with the exact format of the sample CSV. Each upload has a limit of 200 affiliates. The daily limit for affiliate imports is 300 affiliates.