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Trust drives conversions. Ali Reviews helps you instantly import high-quality reviews from AliExpress and Amazon, aided by AI suggestions. Automatically send review request emails after purchases using pre-made templates. Then, show these reviews, photos, and videos in eye-catching widgets. It's a proven formula for boosting sales.

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Amazon Reviews by Appio

Amazon Reviews by Appio imports customer ratings & reviews from various sources like Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart… and displays them via customizable widgets on Shopify, integrates with Google Shopping Feed, and offers email marketing tools.

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Dadao Product Reviews & Email

Amazon/AliExpress/Etsy/Walmart/CSV review importer, Sumit Reviews for Google Shopping Ads. Dadao Product Reviews integrated many shopping platforms: Amazon; Aliexpress; Etsy; Walmart; Mercadoor; CSV import. One link from other shopping platforms to import plenty of reviews into your shopify store.

Amazon/AliExpress/Etsy Reviews importer, Google Shopping Review

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