Auto-discounts for customers with the affiliate link

Available from the Professional plan

If you want an affiliate to get the commission while your customers get a discount automatically when visiting your shop through an affiliate link (without entering a coupon code), this is the feature for you.

By activating this feature, a coupon (affiliate coupon or a defined coupon) will be automatically applied when the customer purchases through the affiliate link, so no coupon code needs to be entered manually by the customer.

To enable this feature, go to Programs > click the Program name > Advance > switch on Automatic discount for customers.

There are 2 available options:

  1. Discount by - Affiliate coupon: At checkout, the affiliate coupon (the coupon of the affiliate whose link your customer visits your shop through) will be automatically applied. If you enable multiple coupons, our system will use the latest assigned affiliate coupon to apply the automatic discount.

Kindly note that with this option, the affiliate must have a coupon in his/her account. If there is no coupon assigned to them, there will be no coupon applied and the feature will not work. You can check out how to assign coupons to affiliates by following the INSTRUCTIONS here.

For example: affiliate A has been assigned with coupon code A123, and affiliate B has been assigned with coupon code B456.

When a customer visits your shop via A's affiliate link, the coupon A123 will be automatically applied.

When a customer visits your shop via B's affiliate link, the coupon B456 will be automatically applied.

  1. Discount by - Defined coupon: you will need to create a new coupon or use an existing coupon on your Shopify Discounts. That coupon will be automatically applied on checkout for all customers no matter which affiliate link the customer used.

For this option, you can create a new discount code via the Discounts section in your Shopify admin first, then enter the discount code name into the field "Enter the specific coupon" (this code must NOT be assigned to any affiliate).

For example, you set the coupon name as ABC. No matter which affiliate link the customer uses to visit your shop, this code will be automatically applied and the system will record the referral order for the latest used affiliate link.

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