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What is an Affiliate Bonus?

This function is designed for merchants to encourage their affiliates to reach a target of referrals, sales, or commissions. When an affiliate reaches that set target, they will receive an additional Affiliate Bonus.

Why we should use Bonuses to incentivize affiliates?

Not only will this encourage your affiliates to pursue the goal, but this function will also make your affiliate program more lucrative on the market and more attractive to top talents. Overall, it will boost your total sales and profits.

Set up Bonus rule

To set up a Bonus rule, simply go to Motivation > Bonuses > Set up > Click on the Create bonus button.

Once you're on the Create new bonus page, please go through each field and fill out its information to create your desired Bonus rule.

1. Bonus Conditions

First of all, please input a title/name for the Bonus rule. After that, select the Program(s) that you would like to apply the rule to. Affiliates in these programs will automatically get the bonus when they reach a target.

Next, choose the Target type, which could be Number of referrals, Total sales, or Total commission. Once the target type is selected, input an amount for the Target amount.

In the example above, the affiliates in all programs will receive bonuses when they reach the target of 20 referrals.

Tips: If you would like to give bonuses to affiliates immediately when they join the program and get approved, simply set the Target amount = 0.

2. Bonus rules

The condition is complete, now we will move on to the Bonus rule. You can choose to pay One-time bonuses or Recurring bonuses (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

Period: One-time

If you choose One-time, the system will count based on the condition you set for affiliates and give them the bonus only once when they reach the target. There is a checkbox for Count current and future sales in case you want the system to include past sales of the affiliates, which have been recorded in the app before the bonus rule is created, as well as future sales to give a bonus when the target is achieved.

Period: Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

If you would like to give bonuses to affiliates periodically, you can choose one of these options. Please then select the First payment date, on which the system will automatically generate a bonus referral for the first time on that date if the affiliates meet the target.

After the first payment date, the condition counting (Number of referrals, Total sales, or Total commission) will be reset and start again from 0. Affiliates will receive the next payment when they reach the condition again.

Note: You cannot choose the current date for the first bonus date since the system will start calculating the bonus the next day.

Once you're done with selecting Period, kindly choose Bonus type and Bonus amount. The Bonus type can be a Fixed amount or Percentage, which will be calculated based on the target you set earlier.

Note: If the Target type is Number of referrals, you can only choose Fixed amount as the Bonus type. The same as Target amount = 0, the Period can only be One-time, and Bonus type is Fixed amount.

While you set up the Bonus rule, you can check for the side Note and Example on the right, which demonstrates the rule you're setting up so that you can check if this bonus rule is desired for your program. After checking everything, finish setting up the Bonus rule by clicking Create bonus.

Bonus referral

When an affiliate achieves the target, a bonus referral will be automatically generated and credited to that affiliate with the Tracking type of Performance bonus. You can hover your mouse over the icon to see the type.

In the Order detail, there is also an automatic comment added for this Performance bonus to explain why this bonus referral was generated (for reaching a target of $500 total sales, for example) so you and your affiliates could know.

Note: The app will automatically create bonuses for affiliates at 0:00 UTC +0 (system time zone) on the bonus generation day.

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