About Growth plan

Affiliate is the key of any affiliate campaign, but it has never been easy to immediately get many ambassadors in a short time. We’ve received lots of questions from users asking for advices to increase the number of affiliate. That’s why we launched the Growth plan. The main purpose is to provide a certain orientation for beginners - who don't have much experience in growing the affiliate list.

With four features (the hottest ones of the app), you can learn a new way to invite customers - unexpectedly effective ambassadors - to your affiliate team.

How does it help?

1. Convert customers to affiliates

Have you ever thought of turning your own customers into your brand ambassadors?

Research indicates that nothing works more efficiently than word-of-mouth marketing.

By enabling Convert customers, you can send direct invitations to customers (buying customers or signed-up customers) who already know about your products and ask if they want to join your affiliate program or not.

Plus, our system will automatically create their affiliate accounts and insert the affiliate link into the email content automatically. Your customers just need to accept the invitation and start referring.

Post-purchase popup is shown on Thank-you to invite customers to join the affiliate program

Post-purchase popup will be shown on Thank-you page to invite customers to join the affiliate program

As an affiliate, any successful order will generate commission for the customer who refers, they can also track their performance and access to all resources as a professional affiliate.

Fact: Our database report shows that while 72% pro-merchants use this feature, 75% of them have observed actual increase in affiliate amount.

2. White label option:

Normally, notification emails will be sent to affiliates using the email address [email protected] as sender, which is not very good for brand awareness.

By enabling Use your email as sender's email in Settings, your email address would be used to notify affiliates. Not only your email is displayed as the sender's email address but you can also get responses from affiliates .

Fact: This is a core and essential function which is used by ALL paid merchants

3. Multiple program:

By creating more than 1 program, you can classify the ambassador team, define those who get higher commission rates and those who should get lower rate in order to control them better.

Many of our merchants created one program for professional affiliates, another one for influencers and another for customers they converted with different commission rates. This way they can make sure each type of partners would get proper rewards in the attempt to optimize cost and revenue.

Fact: 70% of existing paid merchants think creating more than 1 program helps them to manage their affiliates better

4. Store credit:

Besides paying by money, there is a way to keep your partners as your customers by paying them with Store credit.

Paid commission cannot be withdrawn and can be used nowhere else but buying items on your store.

Tips: You can create multi-programs in which one program is with normal payment methods and the other is only paid with Store credit for Converted customer. This way you can make sure your converted customer will stay as loyal customers.

Fact: Half of paid merchants have this feature enabled and earned extra sales in their store

What's the catch?

Above is 4 most used features by paid merchants within our app, showing their effectiveness:

Using the Growth plan, you can experience growth with an affordable price: $19.99

Additionally, with 14-trial-day still available, you can also review up to 300 referral orders per month while trying the four listed features.

This plan is our attempt to help merchants building up their member list for actual growth on their affiliate campaign. Give it a try and reach our team for assistance at [email protected] .