What's in the Growth plan?

Build and grow your affiliate team easier.

1. What's in the Growth plan?

Affiliate is the key to any affiliate campaign, but recruiting affiliates in a short time has never been easy. That's why the Growth plan is launched to provide a certain orientation for beginners - who don't have much experience growing the affiliate list.

With these 5 features (the hottest ones of the app), you can learn a new way to invite customers to your affiliate team.

Boost sales with positive word-of-mouth and connect to your loyal customers:

  • Encourage your customers to refer their friends with Customer referral.

  • Let customers become the biggest advocates for your products.

Convert customers to affiliates

With the Post-purchase popup or Convert signed-up customers feature, you can send direct invitations to customers (buying customers or signed-up customers) who already know about your products and ask if they want to join your affiliate program or not.

Plus, our system will automatically create their affiliate accounts and insert the affiliate link into the welcome email automatically. Your customers just need to accept the invitation and start referring.

Fact: Our database report shows that while 72% of pro-merchants use this feature, 75% of them have observed an actual increase in affiliate amount.

White label option:

Normally, notification emails will be sent to affiliates using the email address no-reply@secomapp.com as the sender, which is not very good for brand awareness.

By activating Use your email as sender's email in Settings, your email address would be used to notify affiliates. Not only is your email displayed as the sender's email address, but you can also get responses from affiliates.

Fact: This is a core and essential function that ALL paid merchants use.

Unlimited programs:

By creating more than 1 program, you can classify ambassador teams and define those who get higher commission rates and those who should get lower rates in order to manage them better.

Many of our merchants created one program for professional affiliates, another for influencers, and another for customers they converted with different commission rates. This way, they can make sure each type of partner gets proper rewards in an attempt to optimize cost and revenue.

Fact: 70% of existing paid merchants think creating more than 1 program helps them manage their affiliates better.

Store credit:

Besides paying by money, you can keep your partners as your customers by paying them with Store credit.

Paid commission cannot be withdrawn or used anywhere else but to buy items in your store.

Fact: Half of the paid merchants have used this feature and earned extra sales in their stores.

Chat with affiliate

The in-app chat function helps you send a direct message to your affiliates. The communication process becomes easier and more instant than ever. That's where you can educate or solve affiliates' pain points to ensure they can promote your brand efficiently.

2. What is the billing rule?

Payments will be made monthly. Anytime you want to stop your premium subscription, you can downgrade to the free plan (Pricing > Free > Downgrade), and your monthly billing will be discontinued.

3. Do I have 14 trial days?

Yes, a 14-day trial starts when you first click Approve Charge in the app. Within that time, you can explore all the app's advanced features, and of course, you can downgrade to the Free plan anytime if you don't feel like needing it.

After 14 trial days, you will get charged for the selected plan.

4. Is there any other extra fee?

All pricing details are listed here, there would be no extra charge for anything else. Our support is lifetime free, and you can reach us anytime for help at support@secomapp.com

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