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About our Marketplace

Our Marketplace includes top offers that are open to any affiliate to join and apply. Affiliates have the option to filter offers by categories, payment method, commission structure, and even lifetime commission. The offer format applies to all profiles, so the more information is provided, the more possibility it is that affiliates can find and apply to your program.

A basic Marketplace listing would include program details, payment methods, category, description, slogan, and website; however, we recommend you to list other optional information so anyone interested can get the most out of it such as Banner, Geology limit, Average earning per sale or a Video to best describe your business.

How to publish the offer:

First, each of your programs will have its details and listings. Therefore, please make sure you choose the program before doing anything.

Once you are done with choosing the program, its information will be shown in the box here.

You can also enable the feature with blue text if needed by clicking directly on the text (if it is available within the subscription plan you are using). All information will be synced directly from what you put in the Edit Program page.

After checking the program information, you can pay attention to the Target Audience box. We highly recommend you put all of the information because each item/market will have its designated audiences and locations. Therefore, to make sure you can find the right affiliates, the information should be filled.

Moving along, you can see the Store Information box here. By default, the link will be your Shopify domain, you can change it to your domain if you have one. For the logo, it will be synced automatically from what you put in Settings > Logo.

Notes: The recommended size for the banner is 1900 x 500px. The maximum size file is 500kb.

The most important part of having a good listing will be the description. For this, you can choose the category like the type of your products. You can choose a maximum of 3 categories upon your needs.

We have a few basic guidelines so you can put your information in. If you want to add more, you can use chat GPT or freely write anything you want. There is no boundary.

Lastly, there is some additional information you can put as well. This is to make sure you can find the correct affiliates to promote your items.

Affiliates will understand the regional limit as you only want affiliates whose nationalities match your requirements. Therefore, please make sure you have this set up on purpose.

You can promote your top Products on the UpPromote Marketplace. It will increase the chance your offer gets exposed to potential affiliates.

Listing your featured products on the Marketplace will give affiliates a clearer idea of what they will sell. You can feature up to 10 products on the marketplace.

You just need to select the product name and its category (the product's category must be one among the offer's categories), then the displayed information will be the Product image, Name, Price, and Category.

Once everything is properly set, you can choose to Save changes and View your offer.

From the Growth plan, you can also view the Affiliate profiles and invite them by clicking the designated button.

In case you ever want to remove your offer. Please click the Remove my listing and it will be done.

View the offers

You can check and view your offer and other merchants' offers as well here: Marketplace Listings

We strongly suggest you view other offers first so you will get to know how things are and what is the best offer you can give to your potential affiliates.

Our data is encrypted to make sure no one can take advantage of it. Therefore, for affiliates to view more details or apply, they will need to sign up/login first.

For how the affiliates see the offer, you can have a look at the guidelines here: UpPromote Marketplace for user guide.

Our Marketplace Listings has limited affiliates and it is just one way to find affiliates. We recommend you explore other options/features rather than relying on this feature all alone.

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