Marketplace listing

Available in all plans
Update: You can promote your top Products on the UpPromote marketplace now (this function is on the beta version), it will increase the chance your offer gets exposed to potential affiliates.
Listing your featured products on the Marketplace will give affiliates a clearer idea of what they will sell. You can feature up to 10 products on the marketplace.
You just need to select the product name and its category (the product's category must be one among the offer's categories), then the displayed information will be the Product image, Name, Price, and Category.

About our Marketplace

UpPromote Marketplace includes top Shopify offers that are open to any affiliate to join and apply. Affiliates have an option to filter offers by categories, payment method, commission structure, and even lifetime commission. The offer format applies to all profiles, so the more information is provided, the more possibility it is that affiliates are interested in yours.
A basic Marketplace listing would include program details, payment methods, category, description, slogan, and website; however, we recommend you to list other optional information so anyone who is interested can get the most out of it such as Banner, Geology limit, Average earning per sale or a Video to best describe your business.
Choosing your correct category and having a competitive commission rate is a key factor to increase the chance your offer will be more noticeable than the others.
Plus, in your description, be noted to focus on how your products stand out from the rest of the market, as well as highlight some beneficial points when becoming your brand ambassadors.
Once the viewers want to know more about your brand, they will have an option to visit your website, it's halfway there to turn them into your members.