Fraud protection - Sales & commission

Available in all plans

Sales and commission

1. Detect duplicate referrals from an IP address

This function also helps prevent suspicious sales from an IP address that you can set a period for the system to automatically detect if there are repeated sales from an IP address. You can choose Don't record to completely ignore those orders or Flag order to still record while flagging them.

Note: The preventive action will be taken from the next order that affiliates refer within the set period. The maximum value for Period is 31536000 seconds (365 days).

In case you choose Flag order as an option, the system will automatically add a yellow warning next to the referral ID to inform you that this referral is detected as a fraud one.

2. Block sales from IP addresses

In case you know the IP address that brings suspected sales to your store, you can always block sales from this IP address for good. Please make sure to press Save to completely block it.

By clicking Blocklist, you can review the blocked IP addresses. You can also unblock the IPs in case you find them qualified or blocked by accident.

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