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Why should I use the Enterprise plan?

1. What's in the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan of UpPromote is the advanced affiliate solution for top Shopify brands. It is the MOST POWERFUL PACKAGE that helps your business go viral by building the best ambassador team. You can make the most out of UpPromote system on the Enterprise plan with the following benefits:
    Everything unlimited: Unlock every advanced feature and quantity limit. No need to worry about blocked functions and grow your business exponentially.
    Connect multiple-stores: Easily access and manage your stores, sync new affiliates and track affiliates' performances across connected stores.
    Custom development: Request your own custom features to meet your business requirements
    Get featured on the UpPromote Marketplace: Approach potential affiliates from UpPromote's marketplace by featuring your offer on the top banner.
    Prioritized support: 24/7 live agents ready to assist and support you. Your requests are our absolute priority.

2. What is the billing rule?

Payments will be made monthly. Anytime you want to stop your premium subscription, you can downgrade to free plan (Pricing > Free > Downgrade) and your monthly billing will be discontinued.

3. Do I have 14 trial days?

Yes, a 14-day trial starts when you first click Approve Charge in the app. Within that time, you can explore all advanced features of the app and of course, you have an option to downgrade to the Free plan anytime if you don't feel like needing it.
After 14 trial days, you will get charged for the selected plan.

4. Is there any other extra fee?

All pricing details are listed here, there would be no extra charge for anything else. Our support is lifetime free and you can reach us anytime for help at [email protected]
Last modified 3mo ago