Allow affiliates to enter their preferred coupon code while registering

If you want to allow affiliates to choose their coupon code, you can ask them to fill in their preferred coupon code right on the registration form.

  1. Go to Settings > Affiliate link & coupon > Coupon > turn on Auto-generate coupon > click Setup Coupon.

  2. Enter a sample coupon that has the rule you want auto-generated coupons to follow.

  3. Select the Coupon name's format to be Affiliates select while registering.

  4. Enter a short description for the coupon (optional), then click Add.

After you complete the setup, a Coupon code field will be put on your registration form and marked as required. Affiliates then must enter a coupon code upon signing up.

Also, if affiliates choose a coupon that already exists in your shop, there will be a notification for them to change to another coupon:

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