Benefit text display

Benefit text is a section on the registration form that shows affiliates some basic information relating to their benefits of joining your affiliate program.

To edit the Benefits section in the Affiliate registration form, go to Settings > Affiliate admin > Registration form > Benefits text.

If you have more than 1 program, remember to choose the program you want to edit the form of.


Choose to hide/show the Benefits text section by switch Show Benefits section off/on


Editing this field will change the title of the section.


Customizing the colors can help the section stands out. You can click on the small square next to each element to change the color of the corresponding part.


By default, the Benefits text contains information about Cookie days, Commission structure, Commission amount, and Additional terms (the description of your program).

  • Cookie days: This is the duration of cookie you've set up for the program. Basically, the longer cookie works, the more advantage affiliate will get. You can learn more about cookie HERE.

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