Multi-language for affiliate admin

Support translate affiliate admin to 8 languages

Supported languages for affiliate admin

UpPromote currently supports 8 languages on the affiliate admin page: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic.

You can choose a language for all of your affiliate accounts by visiting Settings > Affiliate admin > Account Language > choose the language from the drop-down list.

Our translation version might not be completely accurate, but you can edit the texts into your own version.

Tips: You can also edit the translation texts (even in the English version) to customize all the texts in the affiliate account in Settings > Account Text.

Advanced Multi-language feature:

Besides the basic multi-language feature, there are two advanced options for you to choose.

  • Allow affiliate to select language: allow your affiliates to choose their preferred language from the list on their own account:

  • Auto-detect language: Our system will auto-detect the IP address and display it on affiliate account. If the affiliate's location doesn't speak any of the 8 languages from the list, it will display the language you choose above as default.

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