Default payment method

Available on all plans

You can select the default payment method for each program so that when affiliates join that program, the system will automatically select the payment method you chose for them. However, affiliates still need to fill in their payment information in their accounts (if needed) so you can process payment.

For example, you choose Store Credit as the default payment method for program A. When affiliate B signs up for program A, their payment method will automatically be selected as Store Credit.

To set up the feature, please go to Programs > Add program or Edit program > scroll down to the bottom > select the Default payment method from the list. That list shows all payment options you've chosen for this program previously in Settings > Payment > Payment method.

If you don't select the default payment method, affiliates will need to manually choose a payment from the list on their accounts.

When the Default payment method is set up, if you enable the field Payment method in Settings > Registration form > Form fields, it will also automatically select that default payment for affiliates on the registration form.

Note: The system will only assign a default payment method for new affiliates from the moment you set up the feature. Existing affiliates' payment methods who join before the set up will remain the same.

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