Program list

Available in all plans

In order to manage your affiliates better, you can put them into different programs. In UpPromote, a program is like a group of affiliates, where you can set up rules and apply them to all affiliates in it. With Free plan, you can create 1 program while with other plans (Growth, Professional, or Enterprise), you can create an unlimited number of programs.

1. Program Information

On the program list, you can see some basic information about each program, including Program name, Type, Commission rate/amount, Number of affiliates, Default program option, Number of Referrals and The Action Column.

2. Export

You can export your program list simply by clicking Export. A pop-up will appear to let you choose the file type you want to export.

3. Default Program

You have to select at least 1 program as the default program. Simply choose one program on the Default column.

The default program cannot be deleted. If there are affiliates in the program, it cannot be deleted.

4. Actions

There are several actions you can do with each program. You can find them in the Actions column.

Activate/Inactivate program

With this switch, you can quickly activate or deactivate a program.

When a program is inactive, its registration form will be unavailable so no one can sign up and join it. The existing affiliates in that program can still work normally, meaning the referral orders brought by them will still be tracked. Lastly, please note that the feature Auto-discounts for customers will no longer work if the program is inactive.

Edit program

You can click the Program name. This will open the Program settings page.

Each program has 1 registration form so that people can sign up for it. Simply hover to the program name > click Get Registration link and you will see a pop-up with the link in it.

Customize registration form

This will take you to the Registration form editor in Settings.

Duplicate program

Duplicate program will create a new program with the same settings (Special product commission not included) as the corresponding program. It's required to confirm this action.

Delete program

You can use this button to delete a program. As mentioned above, you cannot delete the default program. If there are affiliates in the program, the program cannot be deleted. In case someone clicks on the registration form of a deleted program, they will be redirected to the default program's registration instead.

Deleting a program cannot be undone, even by the UpPromote team. Therefore, please consider carefully before proceeding.

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