Email notification to affiliates

Outreach > Affiliate communication > Manage emails

UpPromote has created several email templates that will automatically be sent when certain affiliate activities are triggered. You can access these templates by going to Outreach > Manage emails. For each automatic email. you can also enable/disable by clicking the on/off button.

If you have multiple programs, you can customise email templates for each program by selecting them in the Select Program dropdown box. This assists you in personalising the messages sent to affiliates in different programs.

There are 8 basic email templates corresponding to different triggers:



Pending affiliates

Sent when the Affiliate registers an account and waits for being reviewed

Approved affiliates

Sent when the Affiliate account is approved

Denied affiliates

Sent when the Affiliate account is disabled

New coupon

Sent when a coupon is assigned manually to approved affiliates

New referral

Sent when a referral order brought by an Affiliate is marked as paid and the referral is recorded

Approved referral

Sent when the Referral is Approved

Denied referral

Sent when the Referral is Denied

Paid referral (Payment)

Sent when the commission for the affiliate has been marked as paid

Setting reminder

Sent to remind affiliates to update their information (payments, personal details)

This document contains the automatic email templates.

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