Post-registration thank you page

Settings > Affiliate admin > Registration form > Thank you page

After submitting the registration form, newly signed-up affiliates will see a Thank You page.

1. Affiliate registration needs to be reviewed.

2. Affiliates are auto-approved to join your program.

If you enable the feature Auto-activate affiliates for a program, its Thank You page will show a description of your affiliate program, the affiliate link with social sharing buttons, and the affiliate login button.

If you set up the feature Auto-generate coupon for this program at the same time, the Thank You page will also include a coupon that is automatically assigned to the affiliate after signing up.

  • If you set multiple Auto-generate sample coupons for a program with the 3 formats: Affiliate’s Name, Affiliate’s First name, or Random letters, the latest created coupon will be displayed on the Thank You page.

  • If you set multiple Auto-generate sample coupons which include the format Affiliates Select While Registering, the system will prioritize the coupon generated from this format to be displayed on the Thank You page.

3. Email verification is required if you turn on the feature Require affiliates to verify their email addresses.

Affiliates can use the Resend email button by default when they haven't found the verification email.

Thank You page editor

A dedicated section for editing the Thank You page is now live for you. You no longer have to use too many CSS codes to customize its design or edit its texts separately on the Account text feature. All are now included in the Thank You page editor. Please go to Settings > Registration form and click the Thank you page tab to view the editing sections.


You can change the font of all the texts on the Thank You page here.


This section helps you choose either an image or color for the page background.

Decide if your brand logo is shown or not on the Thank You page here.


You can edit or translate texts on each part of the Thank You page and pick their colors right in this section.


Edit texts or choose a color for the button on the Thank You page here.

Custom CSS

You can also edit texts by editing the language translation (click Edit your own version as per the screenshot below).

You can freely use CSS codes to customize the Thank You page. CSS codes can generally change the colors/sizes of different elements on the form, as well as the layout, spacing, columns, etc.

If you have ideas for customizing the form but don't know what CSS codes to use, please contact us via the in-app chat. We will be more than happy to provide you with the proper CSS codes.

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