Commission rate on order value

Programs > Edit program > Commission structure > Rule

For any commission type (percent of sale, flat rate per order, or flat rate per item), you can either select the simple rule or the advanced rule. The advanced rule helps you assign different commission rates/amounts to different levels of order value.

To set up the advanced commission structure, go to Programs > click the program's name > Commission Structure. You can also set it up when creating a new program (Programs > Add new).

For the rule, select Advance (Commissions on order values).

From there, you can set a rate for the level 1 orders (orders with the value of $0 or higher).

Next, add more level(s) of commission rate by clicking Add new level. From there, you can set the minimum order value and commission rate for each level.

Kindly noted that if you want to add more than 2 levels, you will need to upgrade to the Professional plan or higher.

For example, if you want to give your affiliates 15% of sales for under $200 orders, and 17% of sales for referral orders of $200 and higher, you can set up the commission structure like this:

Don't forget to click Save changes (or Add if you're creating a new program) to finish setting up.

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