Exclude products/collections from commission

Available from Professional plan or above

This feature lets you specify certain products or collections that should not generate affiliate commissions. It is beneficial for products with lower margins, promotional items, or any product you choose not to include in affiliate marketing strategies.

How To Set Up

  1. Go to the Programs page in UpPromote.

  2. Select the program you want to edit and click Edit program.

  3. In the Commission Calculation section, turn on the Exclude products/collections from commission toggle.

  1. Choose the products or collections you want to exclude from commission calculations, and click Save.

How It Works

Excluded products will not be eligible for affiliate commission calculations and tracking. In particular:

  • Referral orders containing excluded products will not be tracked within the app.

  • Referral orders that include both excluded and regular products will be tracked and displayed in the app. However, commissions will not be calculated for the excluded products, as defined in the Commission explanation page when you review the referral. Here's an example:

For refunded orders:

  • If a refunded order contains both excluded and non-excluded products, the system will only record the referral for the non-excluded products.

  • If a refunded order consists solely of excluded products, the system will not record a refund referral for those products.

Additional Notes

  1. If a product is set for both Special product commission and Exclude products/collections from commission, the system will prioritize the former for commission calculation.

  2. If a product is set for both Connect product and Exclude products/collections from commission, the system will prioritize the latter.

  3. If you set up Commissions on order values for the program, sales from excluded products are not included in the total order value.

  4. If you set up Auto-tier commission, excluded products will not be counted in its condition rules.

  5. If you create a Bonus with a target of Total sales, sales from excluded products are not considered in the calculation.

  6. In terms of Multi-level marketing, if the Network Commission is set to be calculated on 'Total sale', sales from excluded products from referrals made by downlines are not included in the upline's network commission.

  7. Affiliates can view the list of excluded products/collections you've set up on their Dashboard.

Additionally, these excluded items will not appear in the Get product link feature when they search for products, nor in the Product analytics table when filtering by 'All referred products by affiliates'.

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