Track your performance

Tracking methods

In UpPromote, there are four types of tracking methods that a merchant can make use of to track sales from you, which are:

  • Affiliate link

  • Coupon code

  • Connected customer

  • Connected product/collection.

Note: The merchant is the one who decides which tracking technique will be applied for their affiliate program so you can find the provided methods on your Dashboard.

As mentioned earlier in Promotion resources, we can utilize various forms of the affiliate link as well as coupon code to promote the merchant’s website and get credit.

To explain further, when customers click on your affiliate link, the system will automatically save cookie on their browser so that whenever customers come back to the store without the link and purchase within the cookie period, it will credit you with that order. The cookie time will be determined by the merchant and its average duration is 30 days.

Regarding coupon, it can work separately as a mean of tracking technique without having to apply with the affiliate link simultaneously. Customers will need to apply your assigned coupon at checkout while purchasing so that the system can calculate commission.

Aside from the two methods above, UpPromote also helps record orders via connected customer or connected product if your merchant enabled these two functions. To make it clear, once a customer is connected to you, any future sales from that same customer will credit you even if he/she doesn’t use any affiliate link or coupon. The same thing will also apply to connected product/collection.

Referral review

After making sales, you will able to keep track of your performance right on your affiliate account through graphics charts showing the total number of clicks, orders and sales you’ve made on Dashboard.

On the Commission tab, you can see your earnings and commission details as well as their status (approved/denied/pending). The source of referrals is also indicated there with the icon under Referral ID column as shown in the image below.

In this example, the first order is tracked by the affiliate link, followed by coupon, connected customer and connected product. If you want to check for commission calculation of each referral, please click on the Detail button under Action column to see.

Get commissions from subscription orders

If the merchant uses a subscription order service (such as Appstle, Recharge, etc.), you will get the commission for the subscription orders just like regular referrals.

In case the merchants use Bold or Appstle, there are 2 circumstances depending on the merchant's settings: to track first order only or to track recurring orders.

  • If the merchant sets Track first order, the referral will be recorded once.

  • If the merchant sets Track recurring order, the referral will be automatically added into the Referrals tab every time the next billing cycle comes.

Commission payment

Note: Please make sure to select a payment method in Settings > Payment so that your merchant could pay you. The payment time depends on the merchant's schedule.

Once the commission is approved and paid, the commission status will be changed from Pending > Approved > Paid.

You can also see the payment details and the list of paid commissions on the Payment tab.

In case you have any questions while using your account, you can reach the merchant for support by sending an email to the merchant’s support email which is shown on the top right of your account.

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