Tips for success (part 1): Attract customers for better conversion

Continue from Part 1, this document will provide you with more tips to build a more outstanding affiliate campaign to attract more visitors to your work.

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Social share to reach customers on more channels

Social media are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, and we believe your customers will be no exception. So to reach more visitors on multiple channels, you can click the social share button right on the Dashboard:

Auto-discount for customers

Promoting merely with an affiliate link and coupon(s) isn't enough, why don't you combine them together?

There's a solution: You share the affiliate link and a coupon code will be auto-applied at check-out.

So no more effort is needed, neither from you nor your customers, you simply share the link and if a customer buys from it, you both get credit.

But make sure you get it activated by the merchant with this instruction.


On Dashboard, you can see your overall performance with Clicks, orders, and sales figures, but is it enough for analyzing? We guess you would need more than that.

With our system, you can have a Product analytics section that shows the most preferred products in all orders and the most referred products by affiliates on the merchant's shop within the last 30 days.

What's it for? The table could identify which products are on trend in merchant's shop within the last 30 days so you can put more effort into promoting these specific items. Also, you can have a chance to look at your work overall to see which items you can boost the most and which needed more effort.

However, you can access this table only if your merchant turns it on on their side here.

We hope with these quick tips, you could come up with more ideas to convert your list into actual buyers. And don't forget to read your Part 3!

To attract more offers or partner with a lot of leading brands, you can present your profile right here

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