Add/edit programs

To start promoting your affiliate campaign, you need to have at least 1 program. During the Onboarding process, you can set up a simple default program with the payment process.

After the Onboarding process, more rules can be set up. Simply go to the Programs tab, and you'll find the Program List.

  • To add a program, click Add program.

  • To edit an existing program, click on the program's name.

The Add New Program page and the Edit Program page are basically identical.

General information

This section includes some basic details of the program: Name, Active switch, and Description.

Active status

The switch shows the program's status. You can activate/deactivate the program by switching it on/off. The Active switches also appear on the Program list.

If a program is inactive:

  • Its registration form will be unavailable so no one can sign up and join it.

  • Its registration form link will redirect people to the default program's registration form link.

  • The existing affiliates in that program can still work and earn commissions normally, meaning the referral orders brought by them will still be tracked.

  • The feature Auto-discounts for customers will no longer work for the links of affiliates in it.


The description will be shown on the registration form and the affiliate's end (affiliate admin). It's highly recommended to put as many details about your program as possible there.

Commission structure and Advanced features

For the commission structure and the Advanced features, please see the next documents.

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