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If your store has some subscription-type products, your affiliates can get commissions for referring them just like regular products. However, by default, UpPromote will only track the first subscription orders. The recurring orders will not be tracked, thus not bringing affiliates any commission for those.

If you want to give affiliates commissions on recurring orders as well, UpPromote's subscription-order service integrations can help.

Currently, UpPromote offers five subscription-order service integrations: Appstle, Recharge, Bold, Partially, Seal, and Recurpay.

Note: Currently, UpPromote subscription tracking does not work with the product-swap feature. Please be aware of this when setting up subscription integration.

Appstle Integration

To track subscription orders from Appstle Subscriptions, you can enable Appstle integration. Simply go to Settings > Integration > Subscription / Payment app > Appstle > Switch it on.

Recharge Integration

If you are using Recharge payment in your shop, click Connect to integrate with Recharge.

Then you will need to confirm your integration:

Bold Integration

If you are using Bold Subscriptions, set up Bold subscriptions integration in Settings > Integration > Bold subscriptions > Switch it on to track recurring orders on your shop.

1. Bold ver 2

For the new Bold subscription app (that is integrated with Shopify Checkout), you can just turn on the setting to track recurring orders.

In case you only want to contribute commissions for affiliates for the first order (not the recurring ones), you can keep this setting off, and our system will track the first order as usual.

2. Bold ver 1

If you are using the old Bold subscription version (which is not integrated with Shopify Checkout yet), please follow these steps to configure the integration:

Copy the following code and go to Bold subscription app > Integrations > View all integrations > enable Advanced tracking scripts and paste the code into the Script box.

var scaBoldObject = {

fetch('', {
    method: 'post',
    body: JSON.stringify(scaBoldObject)
    }).then(function(response) {
      return response.json();
    }).then(function(data) {


After that, click Save and the integration will be enabled.

Partially Integration

To track subscription orders from Partially, simply enable Partially integration by going to Settings > Integration > Subscription / Payment app > Partially > Setup.

Then, follow the steps shown in the popup to paste the code into your Partially account's Script box. The subscription integration will then be enabled.

Seal Integration

To track subscription orders from Seal Subscriptions, you can enable Seal integration. Simply go to Settings > Integration > Subscription / Payment apps > Seal > switch it on. Then, UpPromote will start track recurring orders from Seal (by default, the system still tracks the first orders).

Next, go to the Seal subscription app > Settings > General settings > enable Tag new and subsequent subscription orders > use recommended tag from Seal > Save changes.

Recurpay integration

To track subscription orders from Recurpay Subscription, you can enable Recurpay integration. Simply go to Settings > Integration > Subscription / Payment app > Recurpay > Switch it on.

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