Basic terms

The following terms are the basic terms you will run into while using our app. Understand these terms would help you use the app more properly:

  1. Affiliate program: Our system classifies affiliates per program so you can easily manage each affiliate group. Each program has one commission rate (offer). So to start working with Affiliate marketing using our app, you (the merchant) need to have an affiliate program. In the program, you need to set a commission rule and a special product commission rule (if any)

  2. Affiliate registration form: In order to join your program and become your affiliates, affiliates need to sign up the Affiliate registration form. By filling the form, they will provide their detail information for you - the merchant.

  3. Referral order: any order made by customers thanks to affiliate will be counted as a referral order.

  4. Affiliate link: Affiliate link is generated automatically by Secomapp system when they get activated. Affiliate will use that link to promote the merchant shop and any order made through that link will become a referral order.

  5. Affiliate coupon: has the same purpose with affiliate link, affiliate coupon is another option for affiliates to promote the merchant's site.

  6. Affiliate contact/support email: the email address which will be displayed on Affiliate account in case they want to contact the merchant. (This email address can also be used as sender's email while sending notifications to affiliate if you enable that feature)

  7. Network commission (Multi-level marketing): the commission an affiliate would get if the affiliate who they invited to the affiliate network brings a referral order.

  8. Commission level: network commission rule. Level will be based on the relationship with the affiliate who directly bring referral order.

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