Affiliate registration form

Available in all plans

Registration form is the most basic UpPromote tool to recruit affiliates. You can share the registration form link so people can sign up as your affiliates.

After a person fills out the form and submits it, he/she will show up as a newly signed-up affiliate on the Affiliates tab. You will then be able to review the information that he/she filled in the form, and decide whether to approve or deny them to join your affiliate program.

The registration form is meant to be used by the people who want to sign up as your affiliates. Therefore, it's highly recommended to customize registration form and make sure that:

  • it matches your branding.

  • it asks for the information you need to know.

  • it shows the benefits affiliates will get.

Each program that you created in UpPromote has a separate registration form. You can find the link to each registration form by going to Program > hover above a program name > Get registration link.

You can freely customize different forms for different programs as well.

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