New customer commission

Available from the Professional plan

New customer commission helps you set up a different commission rate for affiliates when they refer a totally new customer who does not exist on your Shopify customer list.

Note: This feature is different from the First Commission option of Lifetime Commission. First commission changes the commission rate if the customers do exist on your store while it's the first time they are referred by the affiliates. Besides, you can now set up New Customer Commission without having to enable Lifetime Commission like before.

Why you should use New customer commission

This feature helps encourage and motivate your affiliates to promote your store widely to refer new customers for a possibly higher commission rate/amount. It can also help incentivize underperformers to be more active in your affiliate campaign.

Consequently, new customers can offer many benefits for your business, such as increased sales, heightened brand awareness, increased customer base for feedback and data to improve your brand overall.

How to set up

To enable New customer commission, go to Programs > locate the program you want > click on the program's name > Advance > switch on New customer commission.

After that, simply select a commission type for this function. The commission type could be Flat per order, Flat rate per item or Percent of sale. Next, put an amount or rate for it.

In the example screenshot above, the new customer commission type is Percent of sale, and the amount is 25%. It determines that affiliates will receive 25% commission on total sales when they refer brand-new customers to your store.

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