Connect multiple stores

Available in the Enterprise plan

In case you have more than one Shopify store, you can use the Multi-store feature to quickly access each store's account, sync new affiliates among stores, and track affiliates' performances across connected stores. This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan. (You only need to have the Enterprise plan in one store to connect multiple stores while other stores can stay on the Free plan. However, in case you want to use advanced settings on the secondary stores, those must still be upgraded to a paid plan).

To be specific, the Multi-store feature helps you to:

1. Quickly access each store without logging in multiple times:

Activating Multi-store, on each shop, there will be a dropdown showing the URLs of the connected stores, you can easily select the store in the dropdown list to access other store accounts.

2. Sync new affiliates among stores:

When an affiliate signs up to one store, the system will automatically create the same account in the other store(s) for that affiliate as well. There will also be a dropdown list of the connected stores in the affiliate account.

3. Sync assigned coupons across stores:

When you create and assign a new coupon to affiliates using Add a new coupon option on the Coupons tab > Add coupon, that new coupon will be automatically synced to connected accounts of the same affiliate and shown on each affiliate portal so they could use them to promote different stores. Kindly note that the action of deleting that coupon will also be synced across stores.

4. Track affiliate performance across connected stores:

In each store, each affiliate will have a separate affiliate link (with a unique referral code) to promote, but the ref code can work across the connected stores.

To enable the Multi-store feature, follow three steps:

1. Go to Settings > Advance > Connect multiple stores.

2. Activate the Multi-store feature and choose a store as the main store (the main store must be using the Enterprise plan.)

3. Add other shop URLs to connect with the main stores.

NOTE: Before connecting multiple stores, in case your account has already had affiliates, you need to sync the existing affiliates to the other stores.

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