The Affiliates tab is where you can find the list of your affiliates as well as their information. This includes the existing affiliates (who got approved to join your affiliate program) and also the newly signed up affiliates (who is waiting for your approval to join).

Search & Filters

You can use the search box to find affiliates using their email address or name. The search results will appear automatically as you type into the box.

There are 3 filters available for the Affiliate list:

  • Date: the time when affiliates signed up (or added manually).

  • Status: Pending (signed up but not approved), Active (approved and activated) or Inactive (approved but deactivated).

  • Program: the program that affiliates are in.

Custom Columns

With Custom columns, you can add or remove affiliate's data columns from the table. For your convenience, UpPromote gives you many options to customize the Affiliate list table.

  • Add the column "Signup source" to see how affiliates joined your program. They could be manually added, signed up via a registration form, or signed up via our Marketplace.

  • Add the columns "Login count" or "Last login" to check your affiliate team's activeness. These columns show the number of times and the last time affiliates logged into their affiliate account.


The last column in the affiliate list table is Actions. It contains the following buttons:

These 2 buttons only appear if the affiliate's status is Pending, which mean he has signed up but has not been approved to join your program.

As the merchant, you can log into any of your affiliate's account and access their affiliate admin. With a single click on this button, the corresponding affiliate's admin page will open in a new browser tab.

You can use this button to remove an affiliate.

If you delete an affiliate, all related information/data (referrals, clicks, coupons, etc.) will be removed as well.

Please note that the affiliate accounts can not be recovered once deleted.

Quick view

To quickly see some basic information about an affiliate such as Affiliate link, Affiliate coupon, payment method, etc., you can hover the cursor over the affiliate's name and then click on the Quick view button next to it.

A popup will appear showing some information about the affiliate:

On the popup, you can click More details to access the Affiliate profile page.

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