Shorten affiliate links with

Available from the Professional plan.

Our app supports automatically generating shortened affiliate links using a service from

Instead of, an affiliate link after being shortened would look like:

1. Get access token

To get the access token, log in to your account here.

If you don't have a account, sign up here.

After logging in, click Settings:

Once you're there, please click on API under Developer settings > insert your account password to generate access token.

Copy the Access token > get back to UpPromote:

Go to Settings > Affiliate link and coupon > Shorten link > paste the token > click Save changes:

Optional: In case you have set up a custom domain, you can put it into the box Custom domain so the shortened links would include it.

After activating shortened link, the shortened affiliate link will found on the affiliate account's Dashboard. Affiliates can simply click Get shortened link. is a platform with subscription plans as well. Therefore, please make sure that you have an account with them to make sure you can generate an unlimited number of links.

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