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Settings > System settings > Affiliate link & coupon > Affiliate link destination

The affiliate link is your store URL with our tracking parameters. Our system will track every referral order made via the affiliate link.

Once you install UpPromote for your Shopify store, your store URL will be set as the default redirect of all affiliate links. This means that they will be redirected to your store's homepage by default. You can view or edit your store URL in Settings > System settings > Affiliate link & coupon > Store URL.

🔥 NEWS: If you want each program's affiliate links to direct to another page of your store rather than the homepage, you now can make use of the new function below.

By activating the function Set default affiliate link for each program, you will have the option to select programs individually and modify their affiliate link destinations. For example, if you want all affiliate links of one program to head to a specific product page, put the URL of that product page into the Affiliate link destination field.

After clicking Save, all the affiliate links of that program will be redirected to the new destination.

Please note that the domain of the affiliate link destination must be the same as your Store URL. Our system cannot track conversions on pages that are not on your store.

In case you've already set different affiliate link destinations for some programs, if you change your Store URL, all programs' link destinations will be automatically updated to the new URL.

If you've had custom affiliate links and are in the Professional plan or above (or subscribing to the Feature add-on plan), when you change the affiliate link destination, the link redirects won't be automatically updated. Instead, after saving changes, you will see a green banner including the Re-sync links button that you can click on to update the program's custom links to the correct destination.

On the affiliate's end, when they sign up, the system will automatically generate the default affiliate link. They can find it in their affiliate admin's Dashboard:

Tip: If you want the affiliate links to be trackable on YouTube's description, you will need to add "/" at the end of the link.

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