Integrations - Shopify functions

Available from Professional plan

Shopify customer list

If you want to sync your affiliates to your Shopify customer list (Shopify admin > Customers), you can activate the Shopify customer sync function. UpPromote will create a customer account for each of the affiliates in your Shopify admin.

Simply go to Settings > Integration > Shopify customers/orders > Shopify customer > Connect.

After affiliate accounts are synced to your Shopify Customers, their profiles will have the tag "uppromote_affiliate".

Order tag

By enabling Order tag, every order tracked by UpPromote will be automatically tagged with UpPromote_order on your Shopify order list (Shopify admin > Orders)

You are able to set up a tag for all referral order tracked by our system. This feature can be used for analyzing and supporting a third-party integration.

To set up Order tag, click Settings > Integration > Order tag > Set up.

Aside from the default tag, you can add variables that are listed on the popup onto the Tag field to determine the order from a specific affiliate/program.

Upon analyzing, you can filter your referral order with tags in the Orders section on your Shopify admin page.

Note: Please note that in case the whole tag (including the variable value) has more than 40 characters, the system will not be able to add it to orders.

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