Affiliate guide template

An Affiliate Guide is written by the Affiliate Managers or Marketing Managers. It provides important information about the affiliate program and marketing resources for affiliates to promote the brand's products efficiently.

A well-written affiliate guidelines document is also the “true” source when an affiliate is not sure what, when, or how they can talk about a company’s products/services.

The affiliate guide should be easily accessed by affiliates through their portal, UpPromote Affiliate guide is the best suggestion to make your guidelines super handy for affiliates.

Below is the Affiliate brand guide template recommended by UpPromote team. You can certainly make changes to this template to make the

About the Affiliate Program:

1. Benefits:

1.1. Commission rules

You will get [commission_value] commission on [commission_structure] when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code.

[Optional] Add performance expectation.

1.2. [Optional] Additional benefits and rewards

Common additional benefits include:

  • Free gifts/ Samples

  • Cash bonuses

  • MLM

  • Auto-tier commission

  • Commission on order value

2. How much can you get?

UpPromote's sales tracking cookie remains active for up to [cookie_day] days if the buyer doesn't make a purchase during the first visit, to ensure you will be credited for your hard work.

With our average order of $[average_order_value], you will get paid on average $[average_earning_per_sale] per order.

Sales Per Day Daily IncomeMonthly Income Yearly Income






3. When would you get paid?

You will get paid on [payment_period] (time frame) via your preferred payment method.

[Optional] Minimum amount affiliates have to fulfill in order to get paid.

In order for us to send you the payment on time, please update your payment information in Settings > Payment.

Affiliate materials

1. Affiliate portal guidelines:

Welcome to your affiliate admin portal. This is where you can get more resources and manage your tools in order to promote our brand better.

We have prepared a walkthrough video to get you familiar with the tools and resources:

Important: Please update your payment method. If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive updates on commission payment. In addition, you can edit your profile and set up the notification options in Settings.

In case you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to {merchant_email} Last but not least, for more information, read our quick guides to get started and some tips to grow HERE.

2. Marketing tools:

Access the brand’s media gallery in Marketing tools to promote the brand better. All uploaded marketing resources are ready to be shared.

Common material includes:

  • Graphics & Banners,

  • Pay-per-click Keywords,

  • Videos with embed code,

  • Review articles guidelines,

  • Email templates, etc.

3. Other ideas, strategies, and tips:

Common things to put in the affiliate promotion guide:

  • Promoting channels

  • Content requirements

  • Best practices from both merchant’s experience and other affiliates.

  • Target Audience (potential customers) information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance, we look forward to working with you!

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