Promotion resources

As an affiliate, there are many resources available to promote the merchant's brand to potential audience. They are all provided on your affiliate portal:

The affiliate link is shown on Dashboard, which is the first thing you see when you log in to your affiliate account.

Whenever a customer clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase (or tracked by cookie), the affiliate (you) will get a commission upon the program's rules set by the merchant.

Social sharing buttons are visible and super handy for you to share the link on your social accounts.

Another option for a clean, trustworthy affiliate link is using the customized link by your merchant. Instead of sharing URL with a long fixed parameter at the end, you can use a good-looking one, look something like: https://shopurl/affiliate name , it would rise up your confidence while working with customers.

Also, you can have an option to customize the link yourself.

You can use the custom link with the merchant's activation on this document. If you want to customize your own link, contact the merchant for the function being enabled.

In case you see the affiliate link is long and messy, you can shorten it with our Shortened link option, which will auto-generate a short version for any affiliate link (but make sure that it is activated by the merchant with this instruction, you can contact the merchant to enable this option).

The default link might normally direct to the merchant's Homepage, but you can totally choose to promote any product/collection that you think would match your customer segments.

To generate link(s) for specific product(s), access your affiliate account and click the button Get product link on Dashboard:

Then enter the product/collection link or any link on the merchant's shop that you want to use and click the Generate button:

Adding a source to the affiliate link will help to track where your click/conversion is from. You can generate unlimited links with sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google,... before sharing links on these channels to make sure you can filter your performance by sources later.

To generate the link(s), click the Get link with source button:

After that, fill in the source box and click Generate:

Once your link(s) generates a click or a sale, you can filter the conversion on Dashboard or the Commission tab:

Coupon code

Coupon seems to be one of the most popular promotion methods in the affiliate marketing. It is recorded by Mediakix in 2020 that 83% of shoppers said that discount codes can influence their purchasing decisions while 97% of US consumers say they look for deals when they shop.

Promoting with coupons will increase your chance to bring more conversions, it's a win-win relationship for you and the customers (customers get the discounts while you get more commissions). Each affiliate can be assigned with one or multiple coupons. Once the merchant assign a coupon to you, you can see it on Dashboard.

Copy the coupon and insert it on your promotional content, whenever a customer buys and applies the coupon, you will get commission.

Each coupon can be used for a different promotion plan with a specific product. You can contact your shop owner to assign you with more coupons to support your promoting activity.

Media assets

To make your campaign more professional, boosting your affiliate link/coupon with some banners, logos and images is a good idea. It could give your customers more ideas about the brand, the product and the promotional campaign overall.

You can create your own media elements or get them directly from the merchant on the Marketing tools tab (if you don't see any media being shared, you can contact the merchant to upload them in the Media Gallery section on the merchant's account):

The shareable media could be images, links, videos or files. For image, you have options to either download or get embedded code to share these media on your own channels. In case any image is attached with a link, you can instantly share it on social media channels with one click.

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