Profile settings

Settings > Profile settings

This settings page is where you can enter/edit some basic information. All information is only visible for yourself and your staffs (if any).

Personal information

Your email is registered during the onboarding process. UpPromote doesn't allow users to change this email address themselves. However, in case you really need to change it (e.g. you accidently put the wrong email address; the brand is having the owner changed; etc.), please contact our support team via the in-app chat channel. Our support agent can help you with that quickly.

Additional information

There's some extra information you can fill in. All this information is optional.


You can change the login password from here.

Note: You only need to enter password if you're logging into UpPromote via > login using email and password.

Getting into the app via your Shopify admin doesn't require entering the password.

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