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Shorten Affiliate link with Bit.ly
This app supports automatically generate shortened affiliate link using service from Bitly.com
Instead of https://michelle-97.myshopify.com/collection?sca_ref=refferal_code, the affiliate link after being shortened would look like: http://bit.ly/2pGYPMG.
To get the Bit.ly token access, log in to your Bitly account here.
If you don't have a Bitly account, sign up here.
After logging in, click the menu icon at the top right of your Bitly account page:
Click on your account profile > Profile settings.
Click Generic access token.
Enter your password the click Generate token
Click Copy > get back to Affiliate marketing by Secomapp:
Go to Settings > General > Generate Shortened Affiliate link > paste the token > click Save changes:
After activating shorten link, the shortened affiliate link will be displayed on the affiliate account's Dashboard:
Last modified 7mo ago
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