Set up payment methods

Settings > Payment > Payment settings

With UpPromote, you can choose 2 payment types: in-app payments or manual payments you make outside of the app. With any payment type, UpPromote will help you collect affiliates' payment information, calculate the commission amount and mark payments as paid for easier management.

  • Regarding in-app payments, you can choose between PayPal integration or Store Credit to pay your affiliates. Currently, you can also schedule auto-payment with PayPal.

  • Regarding payments outside of the app, you can choose from Venmo, Bank transfer, Credit, etc. and process the payments manually from outside of UpPromote.

Choose your available payment methods

With any payment type, you will need to select your available payment methods. The chosen options will be displayed on your affiliates' accounts. The affiliates can only choose ONE payment method from the available methods that you selected.

Be noted that if any of your affiliates haven't specified a payment method, you can't click Process Payment to pay them.

Set up the payment method(s) for each program

By default, all payment methods will be applied to all programs, but in case you want to select specific methods for a specific program, this is an option for you.

On each method, click the Configuration button (the gear icon):

Then you can select the program(s) that you want that payment method to be applied for:

Remember to click Save to save all your changes.

Note: In case your available payment method is not on the list, select the Other option in the Payment settings, and fill out the Method name and Description for that method.

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