Require W-9 form submission

Settings > General > Notifications & others > Affiliate review > Require W-9 form submission

In accordance with the U.S. tax law and IRS regulations, it is a requirement for the merchants to collect W-9 forms from all affiliates who are US citizens. It is a way for the government to ensure that taxes are being paid. Learn more about the W-9 form here:

To require your affiliates to fill out and send you the W-9 form, please enable the function by going to Settings > General > Notifications & others > enable Require W-9 form submission > Save changes.

After that, the option to enter tax information will show up in each of affiliates' accounts (Affiliate admin > Settings > Tax information).

After the affiliate confirm that he/she is a US citizen, the 3 following steps will show up for the affiliate to follow:

  • Download the W-9 form (the file format is PDF)

  • Fill out the form

  • Upload the filled form

Note: It is required to provide the affiliate's signature and date on the W-9 form. To sign the form, open the PDF file on a PDF reader software (such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, etc.) and find the PDF sign tool.

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