Record pending orders as referrals

Settings > General > Notifications & others > Referral review

For the orders that are not paid by the customers, their status shown in the Shopify admin is Payment-pending, or Pending for short. By default, UpPromote will only track the referral orders that are marked as Paid in Shopify admin. You won't see

Such orders are very common, especially when you have COD (cash on delivery) enabled as a payment method in your Shopify store. COD orders will be marked as Paid after the customers receive them and pay.

If you want UpPromote to track and show the referrals even when they're pending in Shopify, you should enable Record pending orders as referrals (Settings > General > Notifications & others > Referral review).

By enabling the feature, the Pending referral orders (as in the Shopify admin) will be recorded into the Referrals tab, just like other referrals orders.

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