Crisp chat integration

Crisp chat is a chat plugin outside the Shopify app store. If your shop uses this tool, learn how to set up the integration between Crisp and UpPromote below.

  1. Open your Crisp admin page.

  2. Click the Setup Crisp icon. You will see a list of channels for the integration.

If you don't see the green button, go to Settings > Website settings > Integration.

3. Select HTML.

4. You will see a box of script code for integration. Then, copy the code.

5. Go back to UpPromote > Settings > Integration > Chat plugin > click Setup and paste the widget code into the popup.

Crisp is now integrated. Then, you can chat and manage your conversations with affiliates with your Crisp account.

Note: You can see if a chat is from your affiliate team by looking at the current browsed page on the right panel. If the user's original link begins with<subdomain>, it's from your affiliates.

You can then save the affiliate information for future conversations.

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