Brand settings

Settings > General > Brand settings

Brand name

You can edit the Brand name by going to Settings > General > Brand > Brand name. The name will be shown as the sender's name in automatic emails sent to your affiliates (this field is optional).

A brand name makes your email more professional, as affiliates can easily notice the sender's name.


The subpath will be displayed in the Registration form URL and the Affiliate login URL. This makes those links look more professional and authentic to affiliates.

Simply go to Settings > General > Brand > Subpath to customize the Subpath.

You can upload your brand's logo into UpPromote (Settings > General > Brand settings > Logo). The maximum file size is 500kb. The logo's width is recommended to be 200 - 250 pixels.

Your brand logo will be displayed on the registration form, affiliate admin and in automatic emails sent to affiliates.

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